Konashema indigenous mission Association 
United Christian Faith Group of Ministries




It is about 1920s India under the British colonial rule, there two kinds of people came from   UK, one is for business another one for  saving the souls as missionary.Inthose days, there are the missionaries   came to Godavari Delta after the construction of bridge over Godavari at Dowleswaram, it makes the people to get civilization and  hand to mouth, That time one of the Missionary Brown came to Ambajipet  stayed over there in the mission centre, Every day he and his wife visiting the weekly market  in konaseema that time my great grandfather Navuduri Pullayya, who  is a village doctor visiting weekly markets in the surrounding village,,thoug he originally come from  Cobbler community which is a heinous job in the India Hindu society. Because this community people make shoes for all communities, they  do  cremation services for high caste Hindu people and bring the cloths of  dead people.  This way the cobbler Dalit people lives under the mercy of high caste Hindu people in all manners

One day Mr. Brown and his wife visited the weekly market that time my great grandfather  selling his   medical products and taking care of patients, nearby by place Mr Brown  preaching the gospel to all by standing on a  wooden chair in order to focus them toward him and his voice. My great grandfather hearing the gospel  he believed, his  hard heart changed and invited Mr. Brown to his house, he is the head of the community  in those days  so the whole community people came and hear the gospel, that is the First gospel  service and Sunday service around the radius of 25kms in this area, praise the Lord

As Brown is coming often and other Indian gospel ministers are visiting pullayya family

One day there are  about 10 people Baptized along with Pullayya,   that day Mr. Brown gave Glaxco Dhoti to  new clothes to  the Baptized ones., As they wore the new clothes, the high caste Hindu community people get furious  about these untouchable people because they used to work for them  day  and night as slaves and scavenger work, now these  new born Christians  practicing health and hygiene, taking bath regularly, wearing full new clothes     first  time  in their life, previously they were all half naked means  cover their  secret part only

 Now they were saved physically and spiritually, by observing their new life  the Hindu community leaders not able to digest the truth and new life style so that Hindu  elders attacked on these new  Christians when they are going to  meet in a house where they would get together as church( called out or redeemed ones),  on the way these Hindu leaders strip off the clothes of my grandfather, they  make naked him totally, that time a  women threw a piece of cloth over him so he hide himself  with hat cloth, that Sunday they all get together and just prayed no preaching, the very next week Mr. Brown came and hear the total  grievances of the believers, so that  Brown took courage and   again lead all the believers  in the  high caste Hindu people street and lead them to a canal for Baptism of one believer, so none of the Hindu  came forward to attack because the land being ruled by  Britishers.

That time some of our community people and my great grandfather declared that we are not untouchables_ Madiga-cobblers) we are touched by Almighty God- born again christens, since then we lose all kinds of privileges which were reserved for untouchables, so that we become a equal to high  caste people,  we are socially and economically minority people but  more power ful by the leading and guidance of the holy spirit from time to time. We are not dominated like Hindus but we are precious , chosen generation and  priestly hood for the glory of God

As the  church is going on increasing the  membership of the believers  that the brown asked the believers to  come forward to take hold of the priestly hood as minister of God, none of them come forward, that time my  father is a new born child about months so they dedicated him for the service of the Lord by holding him with their hands, after  many year  finis of my father education, so he was miraculously called by Lord in a one gospel meeting, then  he did not turn back and go further in the ministry by preparing for the greater call in the ZION BIBLE COLLEGE Vijayawada, after finishing his studies and graduation, he was lead by the Lord to work for the toughest place where is the strong hold of communist GANNAVARAM, started ministry, there we are 6 of his children born, my mother from Krishna district, so she supports him faithfully in the ministry in all  up and downs.

I and my brother Raju were twins and first born, so that my mother is physically weak  unable to feed to of us, so that my grandmother took my brother Raju to Katrenikona where my father’s brothers  stays and works, so here was under their care, as the days passes my parents decided that we should not separated the twins let  them live one place, so they brought me to katrenikona, I and my brother we bother get education at Z.P.H.SCHOOL till 10th, then we moved to Vijayawada where my father is pasturing, we live with parents and sister, the devil attacks suddenly on my family  unity  as the form of death on my brother Raju, that year a year of  experience of bitterness 1979

Since then we are fine and doing well, in 1996 November the cyclone and floods devastated the total area of East Godavari district of konaseema, that time my first boy John Thomas born, the same month I travelled to katrenikona with some amount of money to help the first generation Christian in my place, I have distributed some basic food stuff rice dual salt oil and etc

After few months I have helped the people to rebuild the houses new clothes, fish nets, income generating projects. All the projects were successful and faithfully done.  4 churches were established

Praise the Lord, I left that place I visit after yearly once occasionally

Very recently I supposed to teach my children who we are where we are how we live in this area and who is our siblings, earlier my children studying in a Hindu schools   , it impacts a lot in their spiritual and physical life so that I searched for   a Christian school, later I found ParamJyothy Public School in Amalapuram, I have made joined them   in 2012. They were good physically spiritually and educationally glory to God

As a result of my children studies I have  been visiting Amalapuram  monthly twice, so  I    have visited some of my friends, pastors churches and own community people and relatives, some of them were really under the  rule of Satan and clutches of poverty, it is my desire where there is need I have to rush there and do faith in action , lot of children wondering on the  streets, catching the fishes in small brooks and canals and tributes even on the bay, so it is my strong desire that the children are the tomorrow leaders of the nation and the church , It is my prime aim to educate them with excellence, bring them unity for growth and touch the lives with charity, so that the Lord guided me after much prayer and consultation of my friends and Elders lead me to start the charity in the name of UNITED CHRISTIAN FAITH GROUP OF MINISTRIES, it is a non denominational and non racial charity for all human beings do to good love thy neighbor as thy self, in this great work please join  your hand , open your heart and walk your feet towards needy.